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The country is shocked by mass suicides caused by religious cults.

The deceased male, 34, was from Wathugedara, Ambalangoda, InfoLanka News Room while the woman, 21, was a student who was going to enroll in a State institution. more..

On December 23, Sri Lanka’s foreign reserves increased by US$ 829 at US$ 4.4 billion.

January 6th (EN) Based on official data, Sri Lanka’s gross official reserves increased by Rs. 829 billion reach US$ 4.4 billion in December 2023, aided by loans from international lenders such as the IMF. The monetary reserves gathered by blocking or sterilizing liquidity against central bank-held treasuries and lowering domestic credit—which does not increase net debt—as well as loans taken out by the Treasury—are included in Sri Lanka’s gross official reserves. more..

Fox News ranks Sri Lanka as one of the top 13 budget travel destinations in the world.

It also highlights the opportunity to visit immaculate beaches and enjoy the sun. further.
Census Department: The primary cause of the rise in household spending was food expenses.

January 6th (EN) As per the most recent DCS survey, InfoLanka News Room a rise in food expenses accounted for 99.1% of the responses, making it the most often reported cause for rises in average monthly household expenditure. The most often mentioned factor among households reporting an increase in their mean monthly expenditure—which accounted for 99.1% of responses—was an increase in their dietary expenses. further.

First meeting on the National Social Protection System for Workers is chaired by Manusha.

January 6 (FT) Under the sponsorship of Minister Manusha Nanayakkara, the group tasked with preparing an exhaustive national social insurance program encompassing all workers convened this week.

Government passes anti-religious distortion laws quickly.

January 6th (DM) According to Minister Vidura Wickramanayake, the government is drafting new legislation to prevent or end the misrepresentation of fundamental religion doctrines by certain people, which causes friction in society.

Colpetty Police has requested a probe into an invasive stop and genital search of a minor.

January 6 (FT) Following significant criticism, Minister Tiran Alles requested a probe into an alleged intrusive interrogation and strip search of two minors by the Colpetty Officers on December 28.The goal of this program is to provide consumers the power to choose a mobile device with knowledge, according to Menaka Pathirana, deputy director of TRCSL. Samsung SL praises the TRCSL’s current endeavor, which is a noteworthy step further.

Lack of donors causes over 5,000 patients in need of organ transplants to pass away.

According to him, it is conceivable to save the lives of brain-dead patients by using their organs while they are undergoing treatment in a hospital, but this is more likely to happen because of ignorance.

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