lenze ac tech manual smv quick start guide

1 General safety information

Lenze controllers can have active, moving, and rotating parts, such as frequency inverters, actuator inverters, and DC controllers. Certain surfaces have the potential to be heated.There is a chance of serious personal harm or equipment damage from improper usage, improper installation, lenze ac tech manual 
improper operation, and unauthorised removal of the necessary cover.Qualified and skilled workers are required to perform all transport, installation, commissioning, and maintenance operations (IEC 364 plus CENELEC HD 380 or DIN VDE 0100 and IEC report 664 or DIN virtual reality (VDE0110 and national legislation for the avoidance of accidents must be respected).Qualified skilled personnel are defined as individuals who possess the qualifications required for their occupation and who are knowledgeable with the installation, assemblage, commissioning, the operation of the product, as per this fundamental safety information.

Use as instructed

The controllers are subject to the harmonised standards of the set EN 50178/DIN VDE 0160.
Note: In accordance with EN 61800-3, controller availability is limited.In residential settings, these goods may create radio interference. In this situation, further precautions could be required.

Setting up

Take care when handling, and steer clear of too much mechanical stress. During handling or transportation, do not adjust the insulating spacing or bend any components. Avoid touching any electrical contacts or components.Mishandling can readily cause damage to the lenze ac tech manual
electrostatically sensitive components found in controllers. Avoid damaging or destroying any electrical components as this could pose a risk to your health!
electrical connection

CE-marked controllers must also abide by these notes.The system or machine’s maker is in charge of ensuring that it complies with the necessary limit values stipulated by EMC regulations.


In accordance with the relevant standards, systems, including controllers, must be outfitted with extra monitoring and safety measures (e.g. technical devices, regulations the preventionof accidents, etc.). It is acceptable for you to modify the controller to fit your needs as outlined in the documentation.

DANGER: Live components and the power connection should not lenze ac tech manual
be touched right away after the control unit has been unplugged from the voltage source because capacitors could become charged. Kindly refer to the relevant notes located on the controller.

• The controller’s input power should not be cycled multiple times every three minutes

.• When operating, please close all doors and protective covers.

Applications that are Explosion Proof

The use of Av inverter equipment in these applications carries no liability for Lenze AC Tech Corporation for any direct, incidental, or consequential loss, expense, or damage. It is specifically agreed upon by the buyer to bear the risk of any loss, expense, or harm resulting from such application.

Note for systems with integrated controllers that are UL certified

Warnings specific to UL systems are known as UL warnings. There is unique information about UL in the documentation.

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