fs_checkasyncrequest returned error for model apex: how to fix

Every game has certain flaws and faults that can be incredibly annoying, especially if they don’t interfere with gameplay in any way. With regard to the emerging Apex Legends problem, this is true. Fortunately, there are a couple ways for players to get around it. This article explains the Apex Legends fs_checkasyncrequest engine problem in detail.


Players of Apex Legends on PC are impacted by the fs_checkasyncrequest engine problem. Players claimed they were booted out of games and stopped coming back. A fresh game cannot be started since the fault has resurfaced.

The message “Fast CheckAsyncRequest” returned a result for model offset, and it is illustrated in full color.

Engine mania; u/olm4te in apexlegends cannot work.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends doesn’t have a foolproof solution for this problem.

The fs_checkasyncrequest engine fault was addressed by EA. The team responded to the announcement on the team’s official forum in April 2023, stating that they were conducting an investigation. Since then, there hasn’t been a developer update, suggesting that the issue arises more regularly.


As a temporary fix, impacted players should attempt to return to the DX11 edition of Apex Legends or select a higher model detail. Apart from the EA statement noted above, a lot of afflicted players are using the DX12 beta.

Nothing indicates that it will crash when using DirectX 12 and a Ring Console in @PlayApex. The model detail also has a low-level setting. You can adjust this configuration or return to DX11. We’re attempting to address that; I’ll notify you when a picture is available.@LmckJlomEh on Twitter.

Respawn April 20, 2023 (@Respawn).

I hope that helps to resolve your issues. If not, there are a couple more that you could give a shot and enjoy, with some players reporting some anecdotal success. These are a few items that are detailed.

Verify the safety of your gaming.

  1. Proceed to the library, right-click Apex Legends, and then right-click properties.
    2. Please select local files from the menu on the left portion of the screen.
    3. To play a game, click the player.
    4. Take Apex Legends off of it by deinstalling it.
    5. To open Apex Legends, perform a right-click on it.
    6. Navigate to Apex Legends in your game library. You will still receive the game license.
    7. After Apex Legends has finished, redownload and relaunch the game.
    8. Launch a fresh Windows PC.
    9. We don’t think you’ll need instructions to use this.
    10. Hopefully, one of these fixes has taken care of the issue. Is that all there is to know about the Apex Legends bug? While you’re here, check out the connected content.

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