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Does It Work To Find Sex Using Doublelist?

Craigslist personals used to be the place where one went for adult activities. Over time, Craigslist gained a reputation as a gathering place for discreet,  doublelist no-strings fun. Absolutely anonymous; no email address was required. Every hour of the day, thousands of individuals came to Craigslist personals.

However, ever since Craigslist personals abruptly disappeared in 2018, users have been clamoring for a website that takes its place. The world of dating online personals is undoubtedly still thriving, albeit none can match Craigslist’s popularity, reliability, and user base.

But first, open Doublelist.

Craigslist Personals left a seductive hole in our hearts that Doublelist pledges to fill. Doublelist bills itself as an hookup app that offers simple sexual relations within one or two days of registration. However, you have to question whether Doublelist is genuine or if it’s just another scam, given the abundance of hookup websites that merely want your credit card information.

Fortunately, we’ve spared you the trouble of needing to register. Doublelist has been evaluated by us so you do not have to. But be advised—you could be shocked by what we discovered. Continue reading for our frank assessment of this dating service.

Initial Thoughts

I initially found the Doublelist top page to be quite minimalistic. Doublelist claims to be similar to existing dating apps and websites, but with more users, better services, and increased interaction. Although it doesn’t have as many users as Craigslist personals had, it promises to be very close.

But when we signed up, our misgivings increased. Doublelist asks if you’re seeking for “straight connections” or “gay connections” as soon as you input your email address. Even though it’s a really innocuous inquiry, it raises some questions. Furthermore, you are unable to select both as clicking on any of the two alternatives will take you to two different dating websites: one exclusively for gay guys while another for straight males. It turns out that Doublelist only acts as a go-between, sending consumers to other websites.

The straight website, once you’re redirected, is utterly loaded with phrases like “lewd babes wanting to satisfy you with deep swallowing” and “wet holes to penetrate.” As a matter of fact, the straight part reads like it was written by an extraterrestrial attempting to figure out what guys desire in the bedroom. It goes without saying that I doubt any women would register on this website anytime soon, not even those seeking casual sex.

Nevertheless, Doublelist strikes me as being extraordinarily good right away. The fact that Doublelist not bothered to validate my email address raised suspicions as well, as I could only speculate as to how many of the individuals on here were automated programs.


GaysGoDating, a homosexual dating website, gets right to business. You may choose who you desire to sleep with after joining up by scrolling through cutesy little photos—in theory.

There are a few little labels at the top of these little photos—the majority of which are quite NSFW—that will assist you in finding Mr. Right Tonight. Popular options like twink, clean cut, jocks, and bear are just waiting for you to locate them. Even surprising is the fact that Doublelist is completely absent from the text. I’ve been taken to a completely other location, raising the question: what precisely is the Doublelist app for?

It should come as no surprise that the straight equivalent, BeNaughty, takes you to a website with a similar design. Despite not include a single personal information in my profile, I was inundated with messages from “horny women” who were eager to play. It took me a while to accept it. And once more, Doublelist is nowhere to be found.


Not certain that these websites are tricking us into registering? For those who are desperate to contact these bots back, both websites offer an upgrade at the same fee. You receive an one third discount for the first all day after opening a free account; after that, things resume as normal. Users have a choice of four membership packages to choose from:

Every payment made with any of them will immediately turn into an ongoing one, so if you find yourself in financial trouble, exercise caution and don’t forget to cancel your order to avoid being charged again.


In all honesty, even with the disclaimer posted online, it’s difficult to see any advantages with this website. It is false to say that it has millions of consumers, with 100,000 of them online at any given time. It doesn’t live up to its claims of introducing you to an environment of sexual fulfillment.

To be honest, neither site has any redeeming qualities.


How can I even begin, oh boy? These websites trick you into joining up by using bots and catfishers, who publish phony messages to pique your interest. There’s no need for me to have 10 unread messages on every site while my profile is empty, with others waiting for me to respond so we begin sexting. In the hope that these singles would actually want to talk, this type of sexual taunting is a cruel approach to persuade the horniest and most lonely of us to hand over our bank account information. To be precise, they don’t.

Therefore, even if the attractive user might be real, it’s possible that they didn’t send the initial message themselves. Instead, their picture was taken from a different website where they were duped into creating an account.

In summary

Double List is quite bad. Everything concerning it. This is not, nor will it ever be, Craigslist personals. Hell, you would probably still be more successful finding a hookup on Craigslist than on this site. If you’re searching for easy sexual encounters, utilize another personals site or, better yet, any number of other applications that make the same promise.

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