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choice home warranty awards for 2023

We are happy to announce the 11th National Homeowner Warranty Awards winners for 2023! Our winners are selected following a careful examination of the digital experience, choice home warranty awards claims process, and other relevant elements.

The consumer’s voice is elevated by the annual awards presented by, which include the most respected and well-established voices in the industry. These awards represent the collective opinion as well as the analytical stance of the experienced editorial staff.

About Honoring Home Warrants

In 2012, initiated the yearly Home Warranty Award award scheme. The program’s objective is to recognize and award the industry’s top-performing home warranty companies. These awards acknowledge companies that prioritize the requirements of their customers and consistently improve their services, coverage options, and claim procedures.
Our annual house warranty awards program also hopes to inspire companies to lead by example. As we have seen, companies have made significant changes to their services over time in order to qualify for these awards.

The Selection Process

At, we’re rather proud of the selection procedure we use. We meticulously examine and evaluate each home warranty provider in accordance with predefined standards to ensure that only the best ones make it to our shortlist. Our expectations are crystal clear:

A minimum of five years of experience in the field; at least 5,000 homes as clients; services available nationwide, covering over 75 percent of US states
These requirements, in our humble view, are essential to ensure that the companies on the short list are respectable, trustworthy, and offer homeowners full coverage.

We are able to identify the best home warranty companies through a rigorous screening process who offer exceptional digital experiences, prompt claim processing, and outstanding customer care for the term of the contract.

The following criteria must subsequently be met in large numbers by the businesses which make the short list:

1.Rates of Retention and Customer Satisfaction
2.Digital Interface and Usability
3.Social Media Engagement Rates

Various Methods for Achieving Award Categories for Client Contentmen

We are delighted to thank all of the home warranty providers for their unwavering commitment and diligent effort during the course of the last year of business. They have invested a great deal of time and resources into developing user-friendly systems and dedicated customer support employees in an attempt to expedite and streamline the claims resolution process.

1. The winners of the 2023 Annual Homeowner Warranty Awards

2. Superior Business Credibility – Choose Home Warranty

3. Recipient of the Best in Services Company American Home Shield Award

4. Editors’ Choice Award is Given to ServicePlus Home Warranty

Talks From The Winners

Recipients of the 2023 Annual House Warranty Awards have shown their appreciation and thankfulness for the recognition.

Choose Home Warranty-The Best Company for 2023

At Choice, we believe that our commitment to our customers, professionals, technology, and employees allows us to provide the greatest service at a fair price. This recognition demonstrates how the market understands our ongoing commitment to quality as we work to become the largest and most respected provider of home insurance services in the nation. James E. Mostofi, the CEO , Choice Homeowner Warranty

American Home Shield: Outstanding Service Supplier for 2023 “We are honored to have won American Home Shield’s 2023 Best in Operation Award. Assisting our two million members in leading more tranquil lives gives us immense delight.

Editor’s Choice: ServicePlus Homes Warranty for 2023 “Receiving the Editor’s Choice Award for 2023 is a testament to our team’s innovation, development, and dedication to our valued contract holders—it also validates our team’s diligence. We intend to build on this distinction in order to achieve greater success in the future. We are grateful and proud to have achieved this accolade. — David Seruya, ServicePlus’s founder and chairman

A Remark For Our Audience

Giving our readers an honest and precise assessment of the top house warranty companies is our aim. We want our readers to know the following in order to maintain this transparency:

1. Our selection procedure heavily weighs not only objective factors but also comments and ratings submitted by website users.
2. We do not accept gifts or financial contributions from any of the winning applicants or winners in order to maintain the impartiality and equity of our selection procedure.
3. We put a lot of effort into providing our readers with accurate and reliable information. However, despite our best efforts, errors or omissions do occasionally occur.
4. While our Home Warranty Awards offer our readers valuable insights into the home warranty industry, we do not recommend relying only on them as a decision-making framework. We encourage our readers to do 5.extensive research before subscribing to anything and making a transaction. Failures arising from inadequately informed decisions are not the obligation of

Disclaimer Notice

Users retain complete control over the content and their usage of our website.

We make every effort to ensure that the information on our website is reliable and of high quality, but we are unable to verify the accuracy of feedback provided by users or the scores and feedback that the different businesses have received. Users’ opinions all theirs alone, and might not concur with them.

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