A Thorough Guide To Tanzohub


Using their cellphones and other devices, consumers may actively engage in actual performances through Tanzohub.


Important attributes and advantages

Complete Engagement
They become into engaged participants who are instantly immortalised in the ongoing event.
Social Interaction

Gamification in conjunction with incentives

The event is made more engaging and enjoyable by allowing participants.

Information and Evaluation

The software gathers a wealth of real-time analytics and data on attendance and engagement from attendees. Organisers can use this insightful data to maximise and improve both in the future.

Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms

This enables broad global attendee access and accommodates a variety of event settings for organisers.

Platform Tanzohub

The Tanzohub Studio plus the Tanzohub App are the two main parts of the Tanzohub platform:

Tanzohub Establishment

The crowd integration and live event management are handled by the organisers using this production software.

The Tanzohub App

Using this mobile software, attendees can record their video, change into avatars, and take part in the live event graphically. For users to connect with the experience, the app offers interactive elements including gestures, feelings, dances, and more.

Presentations and Speeches

Keynote speakers can deliver their speeches from a distance to sizable visual audiences.

Theatre and Dance

Interactive dance routines can be choreographed by performers.

Exercise and Courses
Trainers can conduct training sessions, workshops, and workouts with participants who are far away joining them live on stage.

Events and Weddings

Attendees virtually can mingle and rejoice together.

Electronic Sports and Gaming

Players can see crowd responses to significant plays by projecting themselves into eSports arenas. Supporters can participate and cheer from home just like they would at an event.

Overview of the Company

Digital media pioneers Michael and Alan Dai created Tanzohub in 2018. Zviman has launched several profitable online video enterprises in the past. Dai was a member of the R&D teams that invented volumetric video capture and live holographic technology.

The business was originally bootstrapped and raised a total of seven million dollars in seed financing in 2019 under the direction of Partech and Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI fund. With offices in Mountain View, California, Tanzohub employs.

Product Release

Developers and content producers have access to  SDK, APIs, and integrations with technology as of 2019.

Client Achievement

On Tanzohub, early adopters are now  amazing interactive events, including conferences, humorous dance performances, concerts, and more.

Travis Scott at the Fortnite concert

Scott and his team used Tanzohub to include real-time fan reaction feeds within the virtual concert, resulting in an incredible interactive event that drew in over 12 million viewers.

Einstein on the Platform

Einstein On Stage produced an interactive comedy presentation that combines live performances wit animated routines to raise awareness of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Interactive Proximity Dancing

This dancing group has created original Tanzohub productions in which viewers in the distance manipulate lighting scenes and visual effects by coordinating gesture commands.

2022 Cloud Summit

Backstage, inside the Tanzohub metaverse lounge, attendees socialised.

Tanzohub’s ability to transform live events has been demonstrated by these and numerous other works.


Tanzohub is at the forefront of turning passive spectatorship into engaged engagement.

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